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1 Roofs
2 Decks
3 Toilet modules
4 Doors
5 Compartment walls
6 Supporting cabins
7 Covers
8 Floors
9 Front ends
1 - Roofs
2 - Decks
3 - Toilet modules
4 - Doors
5 - Compartment walls
6 - Supporting cabins
7 - Covers
8 - Floors
9 - Front ends

Modern railways are designed to last for decades. This means countless trips with numerous acceleration and deceleration cycles every single day. Lightweight design helps considerably in reducing energy demand as well as wear and tear of railway systems.

Lightweight construction with simultaneous shock and bending resistance, efficient noise control, good thermal insulation and maximum fire inhibition are the decisive criteria for the development of sustainable public transportation – from high-speed trains to light railways.

In regard to maintenance costs, non-metal solutions have an additional edge besides their light weight due to their non-corrosive nature.

Together with our partners we develop innovative composite solutions with our core materials, which ensure passenger safety as well as weight reduction, fire resistance, stability and durability as highest priorities. With our Hybrid Core Concept® we have the product portfolio , expertise and toolset to optimally support our customers in the crucial phases of product design and manufacturing.



  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Significant weight savings potential
  • Lower total operating costs
  • Excellent fatigue properties and long-term stability
  • Good heat insulation
  • Easy processing
  • Integration of functional groups (e.g. heating)
  • Sustainability


  • Front-ends
  • Floor panels
  • Side walls
  • Roof panels
  • Interiors / exteriors


AIREX® T90 – Sniap S.r.l., Italy, trains, 2012
AIREX® T90 – Ansaldo Breda and Bobmardier, Italy, High Speed Train ETR 1000, 2012
AIREX® T90 – Stadler Rail Group, Switzerland, KISS, 2010
AIREX® R82 – Transrapid International, China, 2003

Product Guide


Easy to process FST structural foam

Applications: floors, interiors, exteriors.
Advantages: lightweight, good insulation, easy shaping, good fire resistance, recyclable.


High performance structural foam

Applications: control stand, side skirts, roof panels, interiors.
Advantages:  especially light,  extraordinary  fire resistance.


Plantation controlled structural Balsa for Infusion

Applications: floors.
Advantages: extreme strength and stiffness, Ecological product from FSC®-certified plantations, good fire retardancy global availability, best cost-property ratio.


Engineered Structural Balsa

Applications: floors.
Advantages: stiffness, damage tolerant, fulfills most FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) requirements, easy processing.